Sunday, March 7, 2010

Soul Food

"If thou of fortune be bereft.
And in thy store there be but left
Two loaves - sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul."
                                         James Terry White 1845-1920

I went to the Grange Co-op yesterday for grass seed and these flower starts just jumped into my cart.  I had to take them home.  After planting the grass seed yesterday, I started on the flower borders today.  Most of the plants were labeled for "full sun."  No problem, most of the areas where I wanted to plant them were in full sun today.  Half way through the planting I realized these dear little flowers will not be in full sun this summer.  The black walnut tree will shade nearly every inch of my front yard at least part of the time during the day.  Oh, well, so much for my plans of turning the entrance of my house into an oasis of beauty.  Last week-end, I did plant six rose bushes along the chain link fence.  Four are climbers.  I also planted a fragrant flowering vine on either side of the gate arbor Justin gave me. 

Oasis or not, I will have beauty to feast on.  
I will find it where ever it blooms and 
fill my hungry soul with it, 
to sustain me during the wintry times of dormant darkness.  

Sowing Beauty in hope of reaping a Feast and 
feasting on Beauty where ever it is found.