Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finding long lost relatives

I found out that a section of the Rogue River is named "Gleason Bar." I discovered this when Sanford and I went for an Autumn hike recently. The hike was beautiful. We hiked from Graves Creek to Whiskey Creek, a 6 mike hike there and back. I was surprised to see my maiden name on the Forest Service map. I've been told, by relatives visiting Ireland, that "Gleason" is an English corruption of the Irish name Gleeson. Therefore, I am certain I must be related somehow to the person this part of the Rogue River is named after, even though there is no clear link that I know of; but the proof came only two days later when I attended the annual Sunny Valley Applegate Trail celebration with my mother. We discovered a lone surviving photograph of the early Gleason pioneer women. They hold a remarkable resemblence to my mother and me. I have always felt I had pioneer blood in me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It must be October

The flowers are still blooming even though we did have a frost last week. This is our new little black kitty. I haven't settled on a name yet. I am open to suggestions.

We had a wonderful surprise this fall. When I knew we would be selling the farm early this summer, I was sad to think I wouldn't be able to harvest the abundant apple and grape crop this fall. I knew the grapes at the new house wouldn't amount to much because the tenants had done nothing to keep the outside groomed or watered. I was wrong. The grapes growing along the back fence at our talent house are beautiful. We have had an ample harvest with lots to give away. And talk about taste. They are delicious and beautiful to behold.