Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aesthetics and God

Commit thy works unto the Lord
and thy thoughts shall be established.
Proverbs 16:3

One of the details I was up set about when we moved into the Talent house was the heater. I suppose I should have been happy it worked, but I was not. It is the first thing you see when you step in the front door, and I want my house to be beautiful, not just livable. I asked Sanford about replacing the gas heater. He was not too enthusiastic about the idea, so I decide to do some investigating. I visited some local gas stove dealers to see what was available. I saw some beautiful stoves. Just the kind of heater I would like to have in my home. I especially liked the heaters with enamel finishes, but they were $1600 to $2000 or more. I knew San would never agree to spend so much on a new heater when the old one worked and would heat the house. $2000 for aesthetics was out of the question. So, I committed my desire to the Lord. I asked him to find me a new heater if it be his will.
Well, I wonder,
did the Lord come up with the idea for Craig's List?
My friend found a used heater on Craig's List. I went to look at. It was $400 dollars. I figured $400 was in the Fleming budget for aesthetics, but to tell the truth, I was not really excited about the stove. It would be better that the old one but not really what I wanted. A few days later I found a brand new stove on Craig's List for $450. It was beautiful. I could definitely feel proud to have that sitting in my front room, even if it wasn't finished in enamel. It had a matte black finish. I contacted the dealer and asked, no, I begged them to hold it for me. I didn't hear from them for 2 days, but when they called they said, "We'll hold it for you." That very afternoon I went to pay for it. When I came through the door I asked them if they had any other heaters for sale. "Only one they replied." Sitting next to the one I had begged to buy was a burgundy red, enamel finished, cast iron gas stove. I gasped with surprised amazement. The color was the exact color of my sofa and chair. I cautiously asked if I could buy that one instead. Yes! Yes, it was still available but it cost $300 more. I bought it. It is perfect. I could not have found a stove I would like better. It will be the first thing you see when you come to visit me. God hears the desires of our hearts and if we trust him, he will establish our thoughts and direct our steps. I think God likes beautiful things as much or more than I do. This burgundy red, enamel finished, cast iron gas stove is my latest "Ebenezar", my rock of rememberance.
"Thus far the Lord has helped me."
I Samuel 7:12

Psalms 37:4 & 5
Delight yourself in the Lord;
And He will give you the desires of your heart.
Trust also in Him, and He will do it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

From Farm to Village

Psalm 33:22
"Let Thy mercy be upon me, O Lord, according as I hope in Thee."

My transition from the farm to our rental house in Talent has been difficult for me to accept, but in the end I did accept it and chose to trust in God for the grace to make a change I did not want to make. I can honestly say, I am glad to be living in Talent, once again. In fact, I love living where I am. Even though my home is not the picturesque cottage I would like it to be and there are many improvements that need to be made, I find joy in the many blessings I have received since moving here. Here is a partial list:
I have a neighbor (my son) from whom I can borrow anything.
I can walk to the store,
the post office,
the library,
the dentist,
my nurse practitioner,
the pharmacy,
my mother's house,
Sunday worship service,
and my friend Chloe's house.
I can catch the bus to work.
I can ride my bicycle home from work.
I don't have to carry the laundry up or down stairs.
I will be babysitting Dan Horton's children on Saturday, next best thing to being a Grandparent.
I can attend the Friday Market in Talent where I can buy fresh farm produce from local gardeners.
I have a new black kitten.
Neighborhood children stop by to visit.
I don't have any grass to mow,
so my week-ends are free for doing other things like taking a trip to Springfield.

I thank God for his bountiful mercies and continue to put my trust and hope in him.