Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tom and Huck Together Again

To hear these two talk you'd thing Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn had been reunited again after 100 years. Actually, the man having breakfast with us is Wayne. He came into our lives last years and we consider him a "God Sent." He has helped Sanford get things running and fixed up around the farm just in time to find new owners for this 11 acres. While eating hash browns, bacon, and eggs washed down with lots of coffee, these two talked about plans to float down the Mississippi in a pontoon boat and to go ultralight flying, fishing in the bayous, and sailing up the gulf coast. This will all be financed with the gold they pan in Northeast Oregon. If they have their way, Tom and Huck will be turning with envy in their graves while San and Wayne show them how adventures are meant to be.

Call of the Wippoorwill

There are few sounds that can transport me back to a lazy summer day of my childhood more than the sound of quail calling out from the field and orchard. This beautiful bird sat all morning on top of the gasoline tank and called out to me while I finished brushing paint on the east side of the house, preparing it for the new farmer family who is buying the farm. As I listened to it sing its familiar tune I couldn't help but be filled with overwhelming gratitude to my family for the happy memories of growing up in this beautiful place. I am also grateful to my dear husband for returning here for the past 9 years, allowing me to experience farm life as an adult with all the joys and frustrations that come with it. I also couldn't help but think how I am going to miss this place that has been home to my family for 45 years. There is something sweet but a little bit sad in the call of the Whippoorwill. It's what leaving the farm sounds like.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The fairest of seasons

If there were ever a time to sell the farm it would be June. The farm is at its best during this fairest of all months. The entire 11 acres if still lush and green. We have just had a solid week of thunderstorms with rain everyday. The red climbing roses are looking their best. The early cherries are ripening. The birds are fluttering everywhere. Today I saw a yellow oriole and yesterday I saw a yellow finch, or some such bird. The hummingbirds have been drinking the feeder dry every week. And wouldn't you know it, that sweet, young, organic farming couple who looked at the farm, and showed an interest in buying, offered us a price we felt we could accept.

Jail Birds

The chickens had been flying the coop. Toby tried his hardest to keep them in their pen. He chewed on them and pulled them and chased them, but they still flew over the four foot fence like it was nothing. I was complaining to San. Well, okay, I was ranting and raving about how aggravating those chikens can be and how I should just get rid of them when he told me the obvious solution. Clip their wings. It is so easy and doesn't hurt them. The first project of the day Saturday morning was trimming the tips of the flight feathers off. The girls have stayed behind wire bars ever since. One still hops over the two foot fence dividing Toby's run from theirs. She lays an egg every day either in Toby's doghouse or just in front of his door.
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