Monday, June 8, 2009

Jail Birds

The chickens had been flying the coop. Toby tried his hardest to keep them in their pen. He chewed on them and pulled them and chased them, but they still flew over the four foot fence like it was nothing. I was complaining to San. Well, okay, I was ranting and raving about how aggravating those chikens can be and how I should just get rid of them when he told me the obvious solution. Clip their wings. It is so easy and doesn't hurt them. The first project of the day Saturday morning was trimming the tips of the flight feathers off. The girls have stayed behind wire bars ever since. One still hops over the two foot fence dividing Toby's run from theirs. She lays an egg every day either in Toby's doghouse or just in front of his door.
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  1. Leaving a little present for Toby. that's cute. Thank goodness he doesn't eat eggs. Some doggies eat eggies right up.

  2. Toby loves eggs. I have to get in there and get the egg before he does. The reason we had to put up a little diving fence is because Toby would jump in the chicken house looking for eggs.