Monday, December 7, 2009

How Cold Can It Go?

I am not complaining.  I would rather have colder temperatures and sun shine during the day than warmer temperatures and endless fog, but this cold spell is a challenge for fair weather, heat seeking souls such as myself.  I took two hot water bottles to bed with me last night.  The heat from the gas heater in the living room just doesn't make its way 15 feet down the hall to the bedroom even if the ceiling fan is working at top speed.  The outside temperature this morning was 18 degrees.  The temperature in my bedroom this morning was 46 degrees.  What can I say, San and I have never left the heat on at night but tonight I think I will.  The forecast is for 9 degrees by morning.  I am so glad I don't have to worry about goats any longer, just four chickens who are huddled together in a snug little chicken house, but I wonder if they drank any water all day.  The fresh water I left out this morning was froze when I got home after work and it didn't look any lower than it did in the morning.  And what about the dog and the cat?  No worries, they are sprawled out in front of the gas flames of the heater, never yielding their pampered position.

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  1. cozy little animals, stretched in front of the fire.