Sunday, January 24, 2010

Learn to Dance

Sanford and I went to our first International Folk Dance on Friday.  I have wanted to go for years but always found some reason to hesitate.  I always though I would enjoy it but Sanford wouldn't.  I was wrong.  Sanford liked it.  I loved it.  We will go again.  The following poem expresses better than I can the essence of folk dancing.  My wish for all is that we may all learn to dance.  For an idea of what folk dancing is visit the Mori Shej and Jacob's Ladder video.

I ache to hear sometimes, a music very strange from what the radio plays:
not of bouncy cheer, but rather Joy, not angry thrust, but melancholies in
minor, full of ancient achings seeping from the ground, and rising to the

A music of no person, but of people. A music beyond the pleasures and
pains of any one life, that sing of the cycles which require centuries. A
music not of answers but of awe,  not just of love nor only of youth, but
Life entire, not but of she and he, but everyone, not simply Now, but of

I need music of the dark and Light both, a music with abandon coming down
from when the world was wilder, music that gives all, yet yearns to say
more than maybe music can.

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