Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Flock of Beauties

I had convinced myself that I didn't want to bother with chickens anymore, but, Victor Wiggington came driving up the driveway one Saturday with a couple of hens in the back of his pickup. The minute I saw them, I wanted them. I cleaned out the little hen house in the dog run and put them in there. I got two eggs the next day. I was in love.
The next day I told my friend at school about getting the chickens. She said she was thinking about getting rid of hers. Long story short, I now am the proud of owner of 5 beautiful hens. Two are black, one is red, one is golden and one is variegated gold to black. I get between 2 and 4 eggs a day. I hope I will get a more consistent ratio of eggs to hens when they are finally settled in.
The hens share the dog run with Toby. Toby uses it in the morning when I am at work. When I get home, I let Toby out and open the hen house door so the girls can scratch around. It works out nicely so far.

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