Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Year of the Canadian Geese

For a month or more there has been a flock of Canadian Geese in or around the pond.
One day I counted 21 geese and 5 wild ducks.
That is the most wild geese I have ever seen at the pond.
I have felt honored when I have seen two geese on the pond, but 21 swells my heart
to near bursting with long for everything wild and free.
Every year I hear the wild, woodland sound of the geese as they honk to each other.
Every year a send telepathic messages to the geese.
"Stay here! Come back! You are welcome."
But every year I am disappointed when a few touch down for an evening
and are gone the next day.
For several years we have had
a goose couple hatch out young, but I never believed they survived the summer.
One summer, Jasmine hunted them. Chasing the mother and babies into the orchard.
The babies were too young to fly and so I thought they must have perished,
but now I think perhaps the goslings did grow to adulthood and have now
returned to their place of birth.
What an honor!
Bramble Creek Farm - home to a tribe of wild Canadian Geese
And to think,
they heard my messages all along.

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  1. Always a welcome sight, canadian geese. So pretty in the sky and they mean spring is almost here. Of course, it came to san diego a long time ago.

  2. Days after writing this post, all but three of the Canadian Geese left the pond. It is curious. The one goose couple who have staked a claim to our pond have tried to chase off all the other geese who come to visit, but one lone goose persists in staying with them. They must have pity on him, knowing that something tragic caused him to be alone.