Thursday, May 14, 2009

Having the right gear

Sanford told me the roof on the big barn needed to be fixed. He was going to ask Justin to go up there and fix it.

I about blew a gasket! What!! You're going to ask my son to risk his life and limb by crawling over loose tin sheeting 60 to 70 feet in the air!!! All I could picture was Justin floundering about with a rope tied around his middle and the other end around Sanford.

Well, thanks to some friends, Justin borrowed Peter's tree scaling equipment. I wasn't there for the occasion but our neighbor, Poppie, snapped some shots of the event so I could see how it is done. Justin looks pretty relaxed. He had no problem securing the loose roofing.

Thank you Peter.
Thank you Poppie.
Thank you Sanford.
Most of all, thank you Justin for helping your Ma and Pa do a potentially dangerous job with such grace and ease. Next time I'll keep in mind the fact that any job is possible with the right gear and the right friends.

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  1. he looks natural up there! like he isn't worried at all.